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DATE 11/09/2022

What Types of Stickers Should You Use?

When you have a great idea for a custom sticker, you also want to know about the types of stickers you can use for your project. There is more than just one type of sticker to choose from. At Sticky Brand, we have dozens to select from! It all depends on your specific projects and what you are looking for. We also have a variety of sizes for different projects as well. Learn more about the types of stickers we offer from custom printing with The Sticky Brand.

What Types of Stickers Are There for Custom Printing?

There are a large variety of stickers you can choose for a custom sticker printing project. Some of the most popular options are vinyl, holographic, glow in the dark, and clear stickers. Each of these options works differently for specific projects. You can also get sticker sheets and sticker packets if you need a lot of similar items. (Can these hotlink to products?)

Why Does the Type of Sticker You Use Matter?

Certain types of stickers will work better depending on what you need them for. For example, our vinyl stickers are made from thick material that can resist scratches, sunlight, and even water. These are good options to put on a water bottle. In contrast, transfer stickers are great for window decals and signs, but will not stand up to as much abrasion resistance of our custom printed vinyl material.

The types of stickers matter depending on what you need them for, and not all projects are the same. Think about the goal of your custom printing product and then decide what type of sticker to use afterward.

What Types of Stickers Can I Get?

Here are some of the custom stickers you can get at the Sticky Brand for your next project.

Vinyl: Our vinyl stickers are made with our Bombproof material that protects against water, sun, and scratches. These are a great place to start for bumper stickers, laptop stickers, etc.

Glow in the Dark: Want a sticker that makes a real statement? Glow in the dark stickers help set your message apart from the others! Each sticker’s glow lasts about 8 hours.

Holographic: Choose from our holographic designs to catch someone’s eye in unique ways. The Sticky Brand has several holographic options: Iridescent, Glitter, and Prismatic. These holographic stickers work very well for logos or anywhere else you want to make a statement.

 Clear: Clear stickers are great ways to promote your business and artwork in a special way. Consider clear stickers for window and car decals or product labels.

Transfer Stickers: These stickers peel and stick but allow for intricate details. Perfect for use on conference room windows,  rooms or main glass entrances to really make a statement. 

Ready to shop for your custom stickers? Learn more about the Sticky Brand collections on our website or call us at (844) 678-4259.