Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic
Iridescent Holographic

Iridescent Holographic

Holographic stickers are a fast, easy, eye-catching way to promote your business, brand, or event. Made on our signature Bombproof™ material; thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water, and sunlight. To see examples of each finish check out the photos below.

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Easy To Apply

Weather Proof

Eco Friendly Ink

  • How do they work?

  • Pop and Stand out

  • Matte vs Gloss

How do they work?

Hologram stickers, holographic stickers, holograph stickers or simply holo – call ’em what you’d like and we’ll know what you mean. To set the record straight; a hologram is a 3D image which is typically formed when multiple lasers or comparable light sources interfere. It would be cool if our stickers came with lasers, but unfortunately they do not. Something that is holographic however will involve multiple colors or light frequencies interacting with each other; so a hologram will typically produce a holographic image or reflection. 

Along with the standard holographic print material which we call our Iridescent Holographic in a gloss finish.  You may select a matte finish as well, but note this creates a very subdued, subtle holographic effect.  We also have Prismatic Holographic and Glitter holographic material available by custom request through our contact form. These three holographic styles have a multi-color, psychedelic look & feel. 

For more questions about our holographic stickers, just call us at 844-678-4259. You can also chat with us via our "Live Chat" function or by using the contact form. We are more than happy to assist you with all your sticker needs.

Pop and Stand out

Make your brand and art stand out by going with a holographic sticker. Available in a full gloss refractive shine or matte finish for a subtle iridescent sheen. Whether you are adding a sticker to an existing product to help it stand out, or creating a logo design that you want to really pop – our custom holographic vinyl die cut stickers won’t disappoint.

Perfect for artwork, logos or product labels.  These aren’t your average cheap holographic stickers- they are made with the same thick durable vinyl, protective finish and eco-solvent ink as the other custom stickers in our product line.

Matte vs Gloss

Creating Your Perfect Sticker: Matte Versus Gloss

Whether you need a sticker to build brand awareness, to sell your own designs, or just for fun- picking the right finish is an essential part of the process. Of course, everyone has a preference of what they prefer, but if you aren't sure whether matte or gloss is the right choice for you, we can help. 

Gloss Stickers

Do you love bright pops of color and the wow factor of vibrant  and attention-grabbing graphics? Then gloss stickers will be the perfect choice for you. With sharp contrast, attention to detail, and a more dramatic look, gloss is the perfect way to show off your art, brand, or photo-realistic images. 

  • High shine
  • Sleek, luminous look
  • Great for vibrant colors
  • Sharp contrast on colors
  • Can make colors appear more pronounced
  • Good for high detail images
  • Creates a more dramatic look on a holographic sticker
  • Great for photo-realistic images


Matte Stickers

If you want a more subtle look or only have a few colors for your sticker, matte is the right fit for you. It has a muted, soft appearance with a low sheen, giving you a sophisticated and traditional look. Matte works perfectly for logos and more simple designs. 

  • More muted
  • Softer look
  • Less reflective
  • Good for natural products
  • Can appear traditional/vintage
  • Can help the texture of images be more pronounced
  • Less likely to show smudges
  • Great for black and white images
  • Creates a more subtle look for holographic stickers


To sum it up, stick with glossy for more colorful and intricate stickers and go for matte if you have a more straightforward design, muted colors, or want a more traditional look. No matter what preference you have, Sticky Brand has you covered! Both finishes are waterproof, scratch-proof, and sunlight resistant- so there is no wrong choice. 

If you are still unsure which finish to go with, you can always reach out to our customer service team. We have an abnormal amount of sticker knowledge that we are always more than happy to share with you!