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DATE 11/07/2022

How To Find the Right Sticker Size

So you have a great idea for stickers. Awesome! But how do you find the right sticker size? What about materials and other features? It can be overwhelming to know what to look for, especially as a new sticker creator. Sticky Brand carries various shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Read on to learn more about how to find the right sticker size for your project or business.  

Why Is Sticker Size Important?

Not every product is the same. Sticker sizes are as different as the project you want them for. A good rule of thumb when thinking about sticker sizes is to think about the project's purpose. For example, do you plan on using the sticker for a helmet? On your car? As a freebie promotional gift with current orders? These questions will help give you ideas about what sticker size to look for. Sticker size is important because of what you plan on using it for. Think about these factors, which will make searching for the perfect sticker size that much easier!

How Do You Find the Perfect Size?

Once you determine the project scope, you can look for the perfect sticker for the job. To begin with, start by measuring the area you want to sticker and comparing that size to our sticker dimensions in our product uploader. For example, if you want to put your sticker on your car's rear window, you will probably need a larger size than if you plan on sticking it on a water bottle. A common size category for car decals is 5," and a common size for water bottles is the 3" size category. Looking through some of our best sellers is an excellent place to start.

Our circle stickers offer something for everyone and for many purposes, but there are so many other options to choose from. For example, bumper stickers are larger than smaller promotional stickers, which tend to range from 2.5" to -3.5". Looking to put a sticker on a cell phone? A 2.5" sticker is generally the right fit here... No matter which Sticky Brand material you choose, you will be getting outdoor weather resistance and durability. Measure first and compare your artwork's dimensions when deciding between vinyl, holographic, and other materials 

Different Size Stickers To Choose From

The Sticky Brand offers dozens of stickers made for any kind of project and goal imaginable. You can even custom design a sticker and apply the dimensions to your artwork, making each unique product! Even within a specific product offering, there are different sizes. Let's keep with the bumper stickers as an example. Some of the sizes we offer are 3" x 9", 3" x 11", 3.5" x 7.5", or 2.5" x 15". Of course, you can also input your own custom size and decide from there. This is the case with all of our sticker options - so the choice is up to you!

Find The Right Sticker Size for You At The Sticky Brand

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