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DATE 07/22/2022

How To Build an Ecommerce Brand

Building an eCommerce brand can be overwhelming at first. Your mind might jump from fonts to products, brand colors, logos, and packaging. And you aren't wrong. There's a lot that goes into building a cohesive and successful brand. So we put together a digestible resource to help you get started on building those big dreams of yours. 

Building Your Brand Vision

When starting a new business, it's important to clarify your "why." What values are important to you? What is your brand mission? Who do you serve, and what problems do you solve? Your vision is the foundation for your brand and will help you build out your brand voice, visuals, and strategy for success. Getting clear on your ideal customer will help you create content and products they will want to buy.

Build Your Brand Visuals

Time to get cozy on Pinterest! Start building your brand by getting inspiration for fonts, photos, packaging, and colors you love. If you are working with a designer, they can help you put together a strong brand. If not, try keeping it simple and use templates from a resource like Etsy or Creative Market. The templates are pretty user-friendly, and you can plug in your colors and fonts without having to understand coding and design. And when it comes to packaging stickers and labels, we have you covered!

Build Your Brand Voice

Consistency is key when it comes to your brand voice, and it's important to get clear on who you are talking to. Making a customer avatar is a great way to get clear on who your products are for. Think about your customers' age, their interests, the problems they need to solve, and how they can solve them with you. Once you have a clear picture of who your audience is, you can create your website, email, and product description copy. 

Build Your Online Presence 

You don't have to be everywhere, but having an Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok can help you reach a bigger audience, show off your products, and connect more intimately with customers. 

Build Your Customer Experience 

Creating an experience for your customers is key to increasing sales, building your customer base, and getting great UGC (user-generated content). We recommend starting with great products, fun packaging, and special elements like holographic stickers, box stickers, and creative labels to encourage customers to create unboxing content. This will also give them that extra special touch that makes them feel appreciated and excited to get more packages from you, especially when you treat them to fun surprises like glow in the dark stickers. 

Box stickers are a great way to save money, create a better packaging experience, and add a fun element to your boxes. You can also add promo stickers to products and boxes to reinforce your branding and offer more to your customers. 

Building your own brand is exciting and a great way to become an entrepreneur. The eCommerce market is only growing, and there's plenty of space and revenue just waiting for you. We hope this guide gave you a great place to start, and we look forward to helping with any of your sticker or label needs.