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DATE 07/27/2022

How To Create a Better Unboxing Experience for Your Customers

As an eCommerce brand, you want to stand out and create a memorable experience for your customers. So while you might send them a thank you email or invoice, your next point of contact in the customer journey is your packaging. This often overlooked eCommerce component is a significant opportunity to further connect with your customer, encourage UGC, and create more repeat customers. 

Use Branded Boxes or Envelopes

Everyone tracks and counts down the days until their packages arrive, so it's no surprise that creating fun packaging is an easy way to create a better experience for your customers. Instead of sending plain boxes and packaging, try using your branding with box stickers. Box and packaging stickers will create more excitement, show off your branding, and make the unboxing experience more fun. This is also a fun way to create seasonal branding, customize your shipments, and save money. 

How To Create a Better Unboxing Experience for Your Customers

Use Unique Packing Material

Bright (and sustainable) padding, fun colors, branded stickers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to stepping up your packaging material. Sure, you could just use recycled paper, but it's a lot more fun when you give your customers an exciting experience. 

Focus on Product Presentation

Use your packaging space wisely. Finding the right size box for your products will make the unboxing look more intentional and presentable. There's nothing worse than getting a big box for small products and watching it roll around in the empty space. Curate a fitted experience when shipping. This will always create a more personal feeling of unboxing for your customers and shows the care and thought you put into their package. 

Try Giving Out Free Samples or Merch

Free samples, stickers, and mech are a great way to build repeat customers and an epic unboxing experience. It doesn't have to be pricey either. Fun stickers are a great way to get your brand out there and elevate the unboxing. Your customers will love our vinyl stickers, glow in the dark stickers, and holographic! You can also add surprise water bottles, bracelets, and even free samples of your other products. 

Make It Personal

Want to create a more personal experience for your customers? Try a handwritten note or card. This often overlooked shipping practice is a great way to connect with your customer on a deeper level and show your appreciation that they chose to shop with you. You can also use product-themed stickers. For example, if they ordered pink shirts from your shop, add in pink stickers as a fun extra surprise. Get to know your customers by their shopping choices. 

As an eCommerce brand, your shipping experience is incredibly important for your customers, and we hope these tips give you some creative ideas to elevate your packaging experience. Something as simple as box stickers, free samples, and a handwritten note can truly make your customer feel special at a little extra cost to you. We always recommend thinking about your own packaging experiences. What brands stood out? What special touches made you feel important? Then, use that experience to help create the ultimate unboxing for your customers.