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DATE 06/24/2022

How To Make an Income From Stickers

Whether you want to start a side hustle or grow a profitable business, selling stickers is a great place to start and make money as an entrepreneur. Don’t believe us? Markets And Markets project that the global sticker industry is projected to be worth over $59.2 billion dollars by 2025. That’s a lot of coin for stickers, just waiting to be made. The truth is people love stickers, so building a sticker business just makes sense. But if you are new to entrepreneurship, you might not know where to start, so we put together this guide to help you start your own sticker business, make money, and have you up and running in just a week or so. 

How To Make an Income From Stickers

Design Your Stickers

First things first, you have to have sticker designs to sell. If you already have designs in mind but are not sure where to start, we suggest using Canva or Adobe Illustrator. We just wrote an easy step-by-step guide for sticker design on Canva that you can check out and get some tips from. You can also purchase assets from Creative Market or Etsy to use for your designs. Just make sure you purchase the right licensing for production. 

Start a Social Account

While it’s not a necessity, creating a social account for your stickers can be a great way to get organic traffic to your shop. You can show off your latest designs, get feedback from customers, and even do reels and polls to connect with a bigger audience. If you aren’t ready to invest in ads just yet, this is a solid marketing strategy to start with. 

Pick a Manufacturer

Not to toot our own horn (as you hear the faint sound of a horn-tooting), but we have the BEST stickers around, and we would be honored to print your stickers for your new business. All you have to do is upload a design and pick the amount and type of stickers you want. Then we hand craft them and send them right to your door. It’s easy and stress-free. All of our stickers use our signature Bombproof™ material for waterproof, scratch-resistant stickers your customers will love. 

Pick a Place To Sell

Now you have stickers that are ready to sell, but where exactly can you sell them? If you are just starting off, using an online shop like Etsy can be helpful to build your brand and get a bigger audience to sell to. Etsy does take a percentage of your sales, so that is something to consider when picking a place to sell. If you think you can build your own audience, you can build your own website on a platform like Shopify or even Squarespace to sell your stickers. 

Track Your Expenses

While it might seem too soon to think about taxes, make sure you are tracking all of your expenses, from printing to software to the shop fees. When tax time rolls around, you can deduct your expenses to save yourself from a hefty tax bill. If you are not sure what counts as a deduction, reach out to a CPA for support. 

We hope this guide gives you some confidence and tangible actions you can take to start your own sticker business. We know there is a lot of room in the market for more sticker lovers to sell their creative designs and we can’t wait to see what you make next! Be sure to tag us in your sticker posts so we can hype you up as you make money in your new sticker business.