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DATE 01/06/2023

Stickers for Point-Of-Purchase Promotions

Stickers can help promote your business on their own and are a proven worthwhile investment. However, they can also be a great resource when you want to promote other items, artists or brands in your store. Point-of-purchase promotions are items placed strategically near the checkout line to encourage impulse buys. As well as a way to promote items you want to be purchased, stickers can also be a fun choice to entice a potential buyer. Curious about how to use stickers for point-of-purchase promotions? Read on.

Small and Portable

When planning for point-of-purchase promotions, a smaller, more organized space will generally seem more attractive. It is often necessary to conserve real estate for larger displays near the checkout line at a retail store. Stickers work wonderfully in these areas because they don’t take up a lot of space. They make perfect impulse buys because they are small and portable, low cost, and give an easy way for a customer to build on their relationship with a brand or establishment . Increase the attraction even more by including discounted prices for multiple items to encourage these purchases; e.g. 1 Sticker for $5, 2 for $7, 3 for $10, etc

Fun Designs

Catch your potential buyer’s attention with fun sticker designs. These days, stickers can come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. To capture attention, consider holographic or other bright colors for your sticker designs. This can ensure customers see your sticker display and also provides a sense of unique options to choose from. Fun, colorful sticker options are a great choice to include in a point-of-purchase display.

Draw Attention To Other Displays

Another way you can use stickers for point-of-purchase promotions is to draw attention to other displays. Got some inventory you need to get rid of? Put them on a display case near the self-checkout to get their attention. The same is true for other sales items. You can use stickers to draw attention as well with different colors, sizes, and shapes. It ends up being a great way to get rid of inventory you don’t want hanging around. 

Announce Sales and Promotions

Point-of-Purchase displays work well to announce sales and promotions. These can be for sales that are upcoming or for past events. Since stickers take up little space, they are easy to keep on hand to promote specific sales. Sales and promotions work especially well at the beginning of the year when shoppers return unwanted items and find end-of-season deals. You can use stickers as part of the display itself, decorating the space to draw attention to it. Prefer a more personalized approach? Include a sticker promotion item at checkout to alert your customer to upcoming deals and encourage return visits.

Unique Product Options

Finally, stickers are a unique item that works well as shoppers search for impulse buys at the end of their visit. You can choose from a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes. Mix and match within the same display or in different ones. If you place them strategically, potential customers will be drawn in because of the new and unique stickers that differ from other products in your store. Along with their portability, stickers make a great bargain item near the checkout line, and you can find success in promoting your products, sales, and business in general.

Whether you want to highlight some of your favorite promotions or give a sticker collection a point-of-purchase display of its own, we have everything you need at The Sticky Brand. Shop our sticker collection options today.