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DATE 12/14/2022

Why You Should Give Out Stickers At Your Retail Business

As a retail business, the holiday season offers ample opportunity to grow your brand and exposure. But, despite the increased business that holiday shoppers can bring you, you don’t have to rely on that. Have you considered stickers to promote your retail location this season (and beyond?) If not, it’s a great time to start! Here is why you should give out stickers at your retail business. 

Cost-Effective Marketing Technique

Giving away stickers is an effective way to market your products and services. Rather than relying on pricier methods of marketing, stickers are affordable and offer similar benefits to other ways of getting your brand’s name out there. 

Build A Fun Relationship With Your Audience

Stickers can be a great way to grow a fun relationship with your audience. Especially if you want to build a community around your brand, stickers can provide a way to do that. Your potential audience will experience the designs you create, which can create a common bond. This can apply to both old and new customers. Stickers are a fun and creative way to build relationships, and from a retail perspective, you can take advantage of the busy season. 

Grow Your Exposure During The Holiday Season

Another reason to give out stickers at your retail business is to grow branding exposure. Each time you have access to a new customer, whether it’s daily or with a specific event, give them a sticker. It can be a logo, product feature, or anything that will help you stand out among other companies. During the holiday season, this becomes especially important. The more exposure your retail business has, the more likely new and returning customers will remember you. That’s the overall goal of giving away stickers - to get your new name out there. Whether you do it through holiday packaging or other means, take advantage of this opportunity.

Promotes Unique Branding

Looking for a way to promote your branding in a sea of competitors? Giving away stickers is a fun way to reach this goal. If you are a newer retail brand, take time to thoughtfully create a design that best represents your company in a fresh and fun way. As your brand grows in exposure, customers will recognize your logo and information the more they see them. Think of the biggest retail stores out there. Their logo is what people remember and reflects a sense of trust in what the branding stands for. Since they are portable and can be used in various ways, stickers are the perfect background for your company’s branding efforts.

Increased Revenue Opportunity

If your company doesn’t increase in revenue, it will not be successful. With any growth, eventually, you need to be able to cover marketing costs and strategies somehow to reach more people. Stickers work in a few ways to increase revenue opportunities. First, a fun sticker makes grabbing your audience’s attention easier, which means they will feel drawn to see what your store is all about. Secondly, if you want to promote specific products or services, take advantage of using a sticker. That way, you can have more eyes on your business and increase the sales of your products. For the benefits that come with giving away stickers, it’s almost too simple not to try it!

The Sticky Brand provides businesses of all sizes with dozens of sticker designs to help grow your reach and meet your goals. Get started to find the perfect sticker to give away at your retail store today.