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DATE 03/14/2022

Fun Ways To Use Stickers

What are your favorite ways to use stickers? Is it to show off your brand, decorate a water bottle, or add a fun decal to your car? While typically stickers have been used to promote brands, decorate bumpers, and show off your style on water bottles, there are a surprisingly high number of other ways you can use stickers! With such diversity and limitless options, we wanted to create a list of 20 fun, creative, and pretty awesome ways you can use stickers.

Ways We Love To Show Off Our Stickers 

We aren’t sure if lockers are still a thing, so we left that off our list but just in case they still exist, we thought it deserved an honorable mention here! With that being said, here are 20 ways you can express yourself with stickers and if you have any other ideas we would love to hear them!

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And here’s our faves 👇

1.) Laptops

2.) Snowboards

3.) Water Bottles 

4.) Sticker Walls

5.) Notebooks

6.) Planners

7.) Cars

8.) Cell Phones

9.) Toolboxes

10.) Hard hats 

11.) Car windows 

12.) Lunch box

13.) Mirrors 

14.) Coffee Tables 

15.) Picture Frames

16.) Helmets

18.) Deep freezer

19.) iPads & Tablets

20.) Whiteboards


More Ways To Use Stickers

Stickers are fun, sure but they can also be functional. Beyond decorating your fave items with stickers, you can also use them for trade shows, brand awareness, customer appreciation, and as gifts. It’s also a great way to share your artwork, promote events, and encourage organic brand promotion. That's why we love stickers so much! They are perfect for expressing your personality, growing your business, and creating organic growth for your brand.

What are your favorite ways to use stickers? Do you love to cover your personal items in stickers? Or are you more of a selective, one or two-sticker kinda person? No matter what your style is, we have tons of custom sticker options to fit your needs! We offer glow-in-the-dark, vinyl, glitter, metallic, and even kiss-cut! Find your next laptop decor on our site!