Sponsorship from Sticky Brand

At Sticky Brand we have a long history of sponsoring and participating in events for a variety of industries and charitable causes. We would love to participate in sponsoring your next event with an in kind donation of stickers. Stickers are the perfect way to promote your event, as well as create prizes for fundraising, and gifts for participants-- both vendor’s and guests as a way to memorialize the occasion.

Sponsorship opportunities with Sticky are selected for events and charities that are in line with the goals and values of our organization- Creating opportunities, helping people and animals and protecting the environment to name a few. We offer in-kind sponsorships of custom stickers with elements of your event design and logo- and if at our discretion, the logos of other partners and event sponsors. If having promotional stickers for your event and giving us a call out in digital or print media as a Sponsor is of interest to you, please complete the form below.

We consider all requests for sponsorship opportunities submitted at least 15 business days prior to the event. Our approval and ability to sponsor is based on alignment of brand values with events as well as the current demand and workload of our production facility.

Please complete and submit the form below to contact our sponsorship team for review. Have specific questions about a sponsorship or looking for a large role in Sticky Brand participation in event charitable or non-charitable? Please reach out to us at for additional info and help.