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DATE 02/21/2023

Why You Should Try Bike Stickers

Slowly but surely, spring is coming, which means the opportunity to get back into outdoor activities like biking. For bicycle enthusiasts and bike shop owners, you want something that will show off your passion. Bike stickers are a creative way to decorate your bike or promote a bike shop business. As we get into spring, here’s how you can incorporate stickers into your favorite outdoor biking routine.  

Why Stickers?

When it comes to biking, you want something that you can take with you on the go. Whether you prefer off-road or sticking to known paths, stickers are the perfect accessory. They are portable, unique, and small enough to fit on many areas of your bike or even different types. Another benefit to stickers for bikes is their sturdiness, so they hold up to any biking adventure. 

Uses For Bike Stickers

If you love riding your bike, there are so many ways to use stickers to demonstrate it. The great thing about these stickers is that you can customize them to your liking and create something that reflects your interests. A fun sticker design on a bike frame makes you enjoy it even more because it’s something that’s unique to you. Since there are several bike models that are very popular, stickers can help you tell it apart from others. You can also use stickers to give your bike less of a generic look. Feel free to put a matching sticker on your helmet or other accessories as well.

Bike Shops

It’s not only bike enthusiasts who benefit from stickers. If you own or manage a bike retail shop, they can be very helpful for you as well. There are several uses to consider. First, consider marketing your logo on your bikes or other merchandise. This can give you a unique edge over your competition. Additionally, give out custom bike stickers to your customers, whether with a purchase or as a free gift. Stickers are a great low-cost portable marketing tool for your business, especially since they can foster and connect a community with common interests together.


There are several benefits to Sticky Brand’s collection of stickers. 

Fade Proof 

Spring and summer bike rides mean lots of time in the sun. These stickers are fadeproof and stand up to sunlight so you don’t have to worry about the design fading over time.


Similarly, custom Bombproof™ stickers are waterproof. No need to worry about getting caught in a spring rainstorm - they hold up against water so you can feel confident no matter the weather.

Environmentally Safe

The materials used in bike stickers are not harmful to the environment and take up minimal space on a bicycle frame or helmet. 

Removable With No Residue

If you change your mind about a design or want to switch things up, you can easily remove your sticker. No residue is left behind either, so there’s no risk of scratching or damaging your bike or accessory. You can remove and apply a new one as often as you would like.

Shop Custom Stickers For Bikes 

The Sticky Brand offers premium custom bicycle stickers for bike enthusiasts, bike shops, and everyone in between. Shop our collection of custom stickers here - just in time for spring!