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DATE 05/13/2021

What’s all the hype around Unboxing Videos?

There’s a strange, yet fun, new fad taking the internet video sharing platforms by storm these days: the filming of people opening up boxes. While it may seem like an odd phenomenon, know that these “unboxing videos” rack up millions of views each month. In fact, such videos have become a popular avenue for product marketing, whether the video is solely focused on the package or if it’s more so about the the product that the package is protecting. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at unboxing videos and how they have potential to improve your product marketing. Like, for starters, what makes for a good unboxing video? Here’s a look:

What is unboxing? And what are unboxing videos? Unboxing – and an unboxing video – is precisely what it sounds like: It’s the practice of opening up a box to reveal the product inside in a favorable, satisfactory way. Many unboxing videos also include a narration of the actions that are being carried out. It’s a way for the consumer to experience the product first hand without actually buying it, and it’s becoming a key part of pre-purchase research. 

Why are unboxing videos so popular? In a way, they are an evolved & more detailed version of product reviews. Viewing an unboxing video gives you a sneak peak at what your first impression of a product might look like. You get to see a real person opening and experiencing something that you may be interested in buying, and that can be incredibly informative for deciding whether or not to purchase. Unboxing videos, in a way, are a digital version of trying something on for size. Not to mention, the energy in these videos can be infectious! The sheer excitement of experiencing a new product for the first time, especially if it’s a young child doing the unboxing, is thereby passed on to the viewer in a positive way. Depending on the experience, an unboxing video could make you love or hate the product. This makes them incredibly powerful marketing tools if utilized properly. 

Want to create a great unboxing video on your own? Looking to get into producing unboxing videos? It’s fairly easy to do. All you need is:

  • A camera that can take decent quality video (your smartphone should do the trick)
  • A script and some practice narrating
  • Basic video editing skill
  • And the most important piece: a box to unpack!

    Whether you are looking to become an unboxing influencer and even work with some specific brands, or if you are looking for ways to utilize unboxing videos for your own product line, there are a few other tips that you should keep in mind with your efforts. Here’s a closer look at some tips and tricks to take your unboxing videos to a new level: 

    High quality packaging matters. Like we said earlier in this piece, while the main focus on unboxing is on the end product, the product packaging will definitely be in the spotlight during these videos. If you are a business looking to have your product in an unboxing video, make sure you’ve invested in high quality packaging design and aesthetics. The video itself is more likely to be viewed if it captures the audience’s attention throughout the video; and colorful, attractive packaging can help hook the viewer. 

    Consider the length of the video. It’s usually best to try to keep unboxing videos to 5 minutes or less. Why? Because videos of this length tend to be shared at a higher rate than those that are any longer. Additionally, it’s best to write out a script or at least some talking points to practice before you actually film the unboxing. Practice speaking in a clear, slow, and understandable manner so that your audience can easily understand what you’re saying.

    Find a niche. While you can make an unboxing video about anything, if you’re looking to create several unboxing videos and establish a following, it can be worthwhile to select a particular niche to specialize in. For instance, toys, health and beauty, and electronics are all industries that have their share of interest. If you can develop a presence within a specific niche, you’re more likely to be viewed as an authoritative source on the matter.

    Find the right setting. Think about where you want to film your unboxing videos to ensure that production quality is high. Avoid clutter in the room you are in, make sure the lighting is efficient and experiment with different camera angles to put together the best possible video.