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DATE 02/18/2022

Growing Your Brand With Labels

At Sticky Brand, we offer customizable stickers, labels, and signage so you can create a custom, branded look for your products and business. We have met some fantastic business owners throughout this process and learned more about their business and how Sticky Brand supports their growth. Standing out in your industry and adding professional stickers and labels can help you make more sales and create a better experience for your customers. 

We sat down with Kaity Barnes Flagg, Owner + Artisan, at BARNESMADE.COM, a small batch candle and soap-making company, this week to chat about the experience of creating her own branded labels. 

We also dive into how that experience has elevated her business and created an easier process to create professional level branding for her products.  

1. What got you into candle-making and starting Barnes Made?

I've always loved learning how to make things from scratch. That's why I started making bar soap, the product with which I created my business. Then, I began to think about other beautifully-scented products I could make, and candles were a no-brainer!

2. How was the process of working with Sticky Brand?

Sticky Brand has been so easy to work with. They're super helpful, clear communicators, and are very responsive.

3. How has using Bombproof Clear Sticker Labels increased sales?

My candles look so much better with the Bombproof Clear Sticker Labels, and I've had new retailers reach out for wholesale and even custom orders.

4. How Have Custom Clear Labels Helped With Brand Building?

The Bombproof Clear Sticker Labels have really elevated the look of my candles. I previously printed my labels at home, and these look a thousand times better.

5. What is your favorite part about using Bombproof Clear Sticker Labels?

My favorite part is how amazing they look and that I no longer have to print them myself!


If you want to learn more about how Sticky Brand can support your business with customized products, we are always here to help. We have a blog post about how customized stickers can support your marketing efforts, and of course, we have a vast selection of products you can use to enhance your branding and customer experience.

 We can't wait to tell your success story next!