Glow in the dark stickers

Our glow in the dark stickers also known as photoluminescent decals are a high quality vinyl material that shines in the dark. Whether they’re for a computer, phone, water bottle, or promotional material, glow in the dark stickers are a great way to make a lasting impression. Artwork that contains a lot of white space within the artwork is best so that the glow can really shine through.

Glow in the dark stickers


  • Easy to Apply
    Easy to Remove

  • UV, Cold &
    Dishwasher Safe

  • Abrasion &
    Scratch Resistant

  • Lifetime 5+ Years

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes stickers glow?

Glow in the dark stickers contain a photoluminescence chemical. Photoluminescence chemicals absorb light energy when you charge them by placing them in bright light. They then slowly release the light energy that they absorbed over an extended period of time making them glow.

How long will my stickers glow for?

Assuming your stickers have been fully charged through exposure to direct light they will glow for up to 5 hours.  Over the course of 5 hours the glow will start to get dimmer.  However, the glow property of the material has unlimited uses and will not fade over time.

What color does the glow in the dark material look when in daylight?

When seen in direct light the glow in the dark area on the stickers looks off white with a very slight green tint.

What is the best color to print on glow in the dark material?

Printing black for the artwork areas which are not meant to glow is going to give the best contrast and details to the glowing areas.  However, you can print any design you want including full color on the glow in the dark material and any unprinted area left white will glow in the dark.

Can your glow in the dark material be used to make safety signage?

Yes- we use a super high quality grade of glow in the dark material which is suited and rated for use on safety, exit, fire extinguisher, directional signs, etc.

Product Details

  • Once the active light source is turned off, stickers have a long lasting afterglow
  • Printed with Green guard certified eco-solvent inks
  • 5 Year Durability Outdoors
  • 6 Mil High Performance Gloss Light Yellow PVC that “glows in the dark”
  • Great for indoor and outdoor marking of emergency exits
  • Phosphorescent properties of the film will not be impaired by repeated use
  • Does not contain radioactive materials
  • Recyclable liner