Guinness World Records, Largest Ball of Stickers

This record has been a long time in the making. Here at Sticky Brand we’re committed to minimizing as much waste as we possibly can in our production process. We’ve been focusing on ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact; these include our commitment to Protect Our Winters and the National Forest Foundation as our 1% For The Planet partners as well as operational guidelines that will limit our waste as much as possible. The World’s Largest Ball of Stickers began as a fun and artistic way that we could reduce our waste and give something unique to our community.

Our CEO Michael Rist puts it best:“Though we try to be as green as possible in our production process, there’s inevitably a small amount of misprints and defective stickers that cannot be sold. With this in mind, we wanted to make something creative and fun out of what would otherwise be waste and sitting in boxes in our basement – and that’s when our team dreamed up the Guiness World Record idea. Furthermore, the sticker ball project also ended up being an awesome team-building exercise for our quickly growing company, and brought our employees together over many late nights fueled by coffee and pizza.”

The ball, which weighs in at 308.25 lbs took over 90 hours for our team to build. We estimate that there’s more than 250,000 stickers on the ball! It’s safe to say that we as a team were a bit intimidated but excited about the opportunity to hold such a prestigious record title. As we continue to grow we’re committed to caring for the environment and exploring as many green options in our materials and production process as possible. If you ever want to add a sticker to the world’s largest ball of stickers feel free to come to our office to do so.