Box & Packaging Stickers
Box & Packaging Stickers
Box & Packaging Stickers
Box & Packaging Stickers
Box & Packaging Stickers
Box & Packaging Stickers
Box & Packaging Stickers
Box & Packaging Stickers

Box & Packaging Stickers

Box stickers, printed on our signature Bombproof™ vinyl material, are a simple, easy way to brand your business packaging. Whether you are shipping orders from a Shopify store, Amazon, or DTC website, box packaging decals add a professional aesthetic touch. Box stickers are printed on sheets size ~ 10” x 10”.

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Easy To Apply

Weather Proof

Eco Friendly Ink

  • Custom Shapes To Fit Your Brand

  • Affordability Meets High-End Design

Custom Shapes To Fit Your Brand

Here’s Why We Recommend Box Stickers For Your Business

There are many reasons why box stickers just make sense, but we summarized them all up into five of the main reasons: 

You Will Save Money

By using custom box stickers, you will no longer need to buy custom boxes, This allows you to still reinforce your branding while ensuring that your brand feels established. Instead of sending a plain box, this allows your personality to show through and in the long run, can save you tons of money. 

Your Product Will Be Easy To Identify

Instead of sending a plain box, show off your branding and help your customers easily identify your box when receiving and storing their package.

Easier Returns

Shipping labels are easy to damage, especially when your customers excitedly open your packaging. Make return shipping easier with clearly shown custom box stickers. 

Customers Enjoy The Experience

Creating an experience for your customers is important at every step of the customer journey. For one it shows your customers that you care and put extra attention and effort into their order and packaging. This also reinforces your branding while also encouraging user-generated content. When your customer gets a unique or thoughtful package, typically they will share your product and package on their social media. Unboxings are a growing trend, so encourage your customers to be just as excited about your packaging as they are about your product.

We know that your brand’s logo defines your business just as much as your mission statement. That’s why we don’t believe in compromising design for any reason. Our Custom Shape Bombproof™ stickers are cut with laser precision to your exact specifications and are available in a matte or glossy finish. With minimums as low as 25 pieces, and orders going out the door of in excess of 1 million, our stickers can help you market your brand from a local event or a niche project to a full-scale campaign or product line. 

Another way Sticky Brand stands apart from the competition is that our products are created in a less harmful way than other cheap, die-cut stickers on the market; our Custom Shape Bombproof™ stickers are printed using Greenguard gold certified, eco-solvent ink. There are several benefits to this type of printing including better durability, no odor, and fewer volatile organic compounds used in the production process which help reduce our impact on the environment.

Affordability Meets High-End Design

Custom Shape Bombproof™ is a die cut sticker made from thick, durable, long-lasting vinyl which we use specifically for the protection of your art. Our high quality materials means our custom stickers are made to last. Experience the difference, if you plan on crafting bumper stickers, laptop & phone decals, brand logo decals or any sticker for outdoor use.

For more questions about our vinyl stickers, just call us at 844-678-4259. You can also chat with us via our "Live Chat" function or by using the contact form. We are more than happy to assist you with all your sticker needs.