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DATE 01/06/2022

Why Bombproof™ digitally printed stickers blow screen printed stickers out of the water

Not all stickers are created equal. Did you ever wonder what makes a Bombproof™ sticker Bombproof™ and wonder how it is made? People often ask us about our sticker quality and the difference between Bombproof™ and traditional screen-printed stickers.

The sticker and label printing industry offers two very different print options when it comes to printing stickers and labels; screen printing and digital printing. So, what makes digital printing better than screen printing?

Screen printing involves creating a screen for each color in your design. Those screens are then used as stencils to print the different layers of ink onto the material. When all the screens are printed and layered on top of each other, you will then see the final image. The stickers are left unlaminated and printed on a thin gloss sticker material.

Digital printing is a much newer process that involves your artwork digitized then converted into a printable format which can then be then printed by state-of-the-art digital printers directly onto the surface of the material. The material is then laminated with a weather resistant film to make sure your stickers last.

To help illustrate the differences, we created the handy chart below. Take a look to boost your knowledge and get to know better stickers.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that make digital printed Bombproof™ a superior sticker. Why risk your brand's image with a sticker that can scratch, peel and fade over time when you go Bombproof™ digital and know you have picked the best!