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DATE 08/31/2023

The Benefits of Custom Stickers for Artists and Illustrators

Before the digital age (remember that time?), stickers were the analog version of virality. From bands promoting their latest albums on lamp posts to activists advocating for change, stickers have been the blatant heroes of guerrilla marketing.

And guess what? For artists, they're not just nostalgic relics but power-packed marketing assets offering a unique and easy way to share your art with others and make a lasting impression. 

Marketing Made Easy

Producing art can sometimes be heavy on the wallet. 

Custom stickers, though? They’re relatively budget-friendly. A logo, a piece of your artwork, or even a catchy phrase can be an excellent way to get your name out there without breaking the bank. 

Distributing stickers featuring your artwork is a surefire way to generate interest in your work and attract potential customers or clients.

Pocket Portfolio

Imagine giving someone a mini-gallery of your artwork they can slap onto their laptop, sketchbook, or fridge.

Custom stickers provide a unique platform to display your art. They allow you to transform your artwork into a custom shape and size, making it stand out from traditional mediums. Whether it's a hand-drawn illustration or a digital design, stickers offer a versatile canvas to showcase your creativity and act as a portable representation of your art, reaching audiences and places you might not have imagined.

Building Brand Recognition

Custom stickers are an excellent tool for building brand recognition. By incorporating your logo, signature style, or distinctive elements into the sticker design, you visually represent your brand. People who see and use your stickers will instantly recognize your artwork and associate it with your brand.

Versatility at its Best

Stickers fit everywhere. Helmets, notebooks, cars, water bottles... the list goes on. This means your art can adorn myriad surfaces, making it a moving canvas in its own right.

Enhances Customer Engagement

Stickers provide a tangible and interactive experience for your audience. When people receive or purchase your stickers, they become a part of your art world. They can stick them on their laptops, water bottles, notebooks, or any other surface, effectively becoming brand ambassadors for your work.

A Personal Touch

Are you selling prints, crafts, or even original artwork? Seal that package with a custom sticker of your branding or art. It reinforces your brand and gives that personal touch, making your patrons feel they've bought something special.

Custom stickers offer an additional product option for your customers. They can be sold individually or included as bonus items in packages or purchases. Adding stickers to your product lineup gives your audience diverse options to connect with your art.

Boosting Engagement at Events

Hosting a workshop, an exhibit, or attending an art fair? Stickers can be the ideal giveaways. They're light, fun, and everyone loves them! It creates a lasting memory of the event and strengthens the bond between the artist and the audience.

A Catalyst for Collaborations

Swap stickers with fellow artists. This way, you're not just promoting your art, but you're also fostering community and collaboration. You might even find your art sticking (pun intended) alongside another fantastic artist on a fan's backpack.

Monetize Your Artwork on Etsy and Shopify

Whether you paint, draw, sketch, or design digitally, you can turn your artwork into high-quality stickers that showcase your style and personality. Sell stickers online through platforms like Etsy or Shopify, where you can reach a global audience of customers who appreciate your art. Better yet, sell wholesale packages of your stickers to boutiques or other retailers who cater to your niche market for an extra oomph!

Designing Custom Stickers: Tips and Techniques

Designing custom stickers requires careful consideration to ensure your artwork translates well onto this medium. Custom stickers are versatile, affordable, and fun. You can use them to decorate your products, such as notebooks, sketchbooks, laptops, or water bottles. You can also use them to create unique gifts for your friends, family, or fans. Or you can sell them online or at events to generate extra income and spread the word about your art.

But not all custom stickers are created equal. You need high-quality stickers that reflect your artistic vision and style. You need stickers that are durable, vibrant, and easy to apply. You need stickers that stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Choose the Right Material

Selecting the right material is crucial for achieving your custom stickers' desired look and durability. Sticker paper is a cost-effective option for indoor use, while vinyl stickers are more durable and withstand outdoor conditions. Consider your design and intended usage to determine the most suitable material for your stickers.

Optimize Your Artwork for Print

Before printing your stickers, ensure your artwork is in a high-resolution format. This will ensure that the printed stickers capture your artwork's fine details and vibrant colors. Use graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva to create or enhance your artwork and ensure it meets the printing requirements.

Custom Shape and Size

Custom stickers offer the flexibility to create unique shapes that complement your artwork. Consider the shape of your canvas or the focal points of your design when deciding on the shape of your stickers. Experiment with different shapes to find the one that best highlights your artwork.

Consider Laminate Finishes

Laminate finishes can enhance the appearance and durability of your stickers. Choose between glossy and matte finishes based on your desired aesthetic. Glossy finishes add shine and vibrancy to your artwork, while matte finishes offer a smooth, satin-like appearance.

Test Different Printing Techniques

Custom stickers can be printed using various techniques like die-cutting or kiss-cutting. Die-cut stickers are ideal for showcasing a custom shape as part of your design. Kiss-cut stickers are perfect for intricate designs with delicate edges. Experiment with different printing techniques to find the one that best suits your artwork.

Custom Stickers from The Sticky Brand

With Sticky Brand, your stickers are printed using premium vinyl material and eco-friendly ink. We also use a special laminate coating to protect stickers from scratches, water, and sunlight. This means your stickers will last longer and look better than paper stickers.

Our free design assistance and proofing ensure your stickers look exactly how you want them. You can upload your artwork or use our free online design tool and choose from various sizes and quantities to fit your budget and needs.

You can pick from the following options:

  • Die-cut stickers: These are cut to the shape of your design, with no white or transparent background. They are perfect for intricate and detailed artwork you want to showcase without distractions.
  • Kiss-cut stickers: These stickers have a thin border around your design, with a white or transparent background. They are ideal for simple and minimalist artwork that you want to highlight with some contrast.
  • Sticker sheets: These are sheets of multiple stickers cut to different shapes and sizes. They are great for creating collections of themed or related artwork that you want to offer as a set.

Custom stickers for artists? It's a no-brainer. They're affordable, versatile, and an incredibly effective method of self-promotion. When you’re ready to give your art that extra "oomph" or just want to see your creations in a new, compact format, give custom stickers from Sticky Brand a whirl.

Remember: In the vast universe of art, it's about creating and leaving traces of your creativity wherever you go.