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DATE 04/24/2023

Sticky Brand and Vermont Green FC Form Mutual Partnership

Sticky Brand is proud to announce a season-long partnership with Vermont Green Football Club. Vermont Green FC is the newest Vermont sports team, whose mission is to provide top-level soccer with positive role models. This aligns perfectly with Sticky Brand’s values for social justice, equity, and ecological and environmental concerns, so a partnership was born out of mutual respect and understanding. 

Vermont Green FC has a goal to create a sports environment that fosters equal opportunity for all backgrounds. A big part of their mission involves marketing their unique value system to the world, and Sticky Brand’s sticker collection has aided them in this process. The combination of mutual collaboration and support - and a whole lot of fun - has made the partnership between Sticky Brand and Vermont Green FC rewarding for everyone. There’s also a personal element too: several people on Sticky Brand's management team are University of Vermont graduates. Vermont Green FC’s stadium is on the UVM athletic grounds, making every visit and event a way to reminisce, enjoy memories, and make new ones.

Learn more about the partnership between Sticky Brand and Vermont Green FC in our recent press release here.