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DATE 06/19/2021

How to Design the Best Stickers for your Product Packaging

So you want to learn how to make stickers for products? There’s more to packaging than meets the eye, literally. Product packaging is all about the customer’s experience and how you present your brand or identity. It’s about expanding your company’s identity into the physical space. The mood, the tone, what you stand for – that can all be conveyed in your product packaging. Packaging should evoke emotion and excitement; this makes your customers feel like their experience with you was special, and keep them coming back for more.

Which packaging design techniques stand out to you? A great way to consider your own product packaging strategy is to consider design techniques that you’ve come across in the wild. When was the last time you were super excited about something you got in the mail? Whatever it was, I’m sure it wasn’t just a plain box. Most likely it had specific colors, icons or wording that connected you to the company it came from. Or think about the last wellness product you purchased from your local grocery store. If it was a brand you never purchased before you probably chose it because something in the packaging stood out to you.

Stickers for product packaging are affordable yet classy. For businesses of all sizes – sticker packaging is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add a little something extra to your product, making it stand out to potential customers. For example, check out how Dedalus, one of our favorites – a local wine and cheese store – uses sticker sheets, roll labels, and circle stickers to enhance their gift baskets and packaging.

Let’s dive into the different ways we’ve seen our clients use stickers on their products.

Bottles. Whether you’re packaging a drink or a lotion bottle, stickers are a simple way to establish your brand identity and stand out on the shelf. We love how some of our skin care clients have used clear stickers as labels for their tinctures and lotions.

Boxes. Your branding doesn’t have to stop with your product. Did you know that there are 6.5 years worth of YouTube videos with “unboxing” in the title? Putting your mark on your packaging, such as boxes, bags and wrapping paper helps enhance the customer experience past the purchase of the physical product. With the holidays around the corner, personalizing your gift or shipping boxes is an easy way to impress your customers and make them feel special.

On Food Products. A lot of food products don’t have much in the way of extra packaging. Perhaps you’ve seen an example of this at your local grocery store. Many cheese packages have the company’s logo right on the product. You may also see this on coffee bean bags. Applying stickers right on your product as packaging, can be a space effective and unique way to express your creativity.

Gift bags. Using gift bags with your personalized sticker label on it is such a simple way to add visual interest to your packaging and extend your branding. Whether you’re bagging a gift for your friend or a long standing customer, your gift bag is your identity. You can take a plain white bag and turn it into something memorable in a matter of seconds. Not to mention, your gift bag will be seen by countless people when your customer is strutting around with it.

Tissue or wrapped seal. Nothing says attention to detail like opening a gift or package and seeing your purchase beautifully wrapped in tissue paper that has been sealed by the company or artists’ sticker. Sometimes it’s the small touches that really make your customer feel special. When you make a strong impression, you help build customer loyalty.

Envelopes. Whether you’re sending a card to your Grandma or a client you are trying to impress, sealing the back of your envelope is another clever way to make an impression. Again, it’s all about the small details! 

Roll labels. Our roll label stickers are good for those seeking a quick and cost effective way to produce the same design in high quantities. If you have dozens or hundreds of packages to seal, our roll labels make it easy to peel and stick.

Extra gift in package. Everyone loves free samples! Stickers are an inexpensive goodie to throw in with your product. When your customer opens their package and sees some extra swag, they’re going to be jumping for joy. If you really want to impress them, try our sticker sheets or sticker packs!