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DATE 06/19/2021

5 Reasons to Consider a Custom Sticker Marketing Campaign

1. Stickers can be placed anywhere! 

Personally, I’ll place a well made sticker anywhere. On my laptop, on my mini fridge, on my car – ANYWHERE. A lot of the time it doesn’t even matter what the brand is, for me – it’s all about the design. Stickers are a powerful and cheap marketing tool. If you’re working in a coffee shop while reading this article, chances are you can look around and see stickers on water bottles, laptops, and maybe even the tables and walls. They’re also mobile. Stickers travel with the consumer. Whether it’s on a water bottle that goes from the office to the gym or the hiking trail; or if its on the bumper of a car that drives all around town – or across country. These spots are powerful powerful marketing real estate that come with a low barrier to entry.

2. Increase your brand’s value without breaking the bank.

Another reason why custom stickers are a powerful form of advertising is their perceived value. A high quality sticker has more staying power and appeal than something like a cheap pamphlet or brochure. Think about it, when someone hands you a brochure you likely toss it in the nearest trash can, whereas, when someone puts a well-made sticker in your hands you’re more likely to look around to see where you can stick it. If the sticker design resonates with you, you are also more likely to look into the brand. It’s a win-win! Here at Sticky Brand we like to think of stickers as we do business cards, this is your brand’s first impression — a high quality sticker can introduce your brand to the consumer and help reinforce its quality and appeal.

3. Create brand culture through powerful messaging. Stickers have also been useful in social marketing campaigns throughout recent history to help spread a message and to be used as something of a “social badge”. Examples that immediately come to mind are political bumper stickers and the universal “I voted” sticker. Stickers like these are a way for people to publicly share their values, their social identities, and their belief systems. You’ll often see cars with similar bumper stickers honking or waving to each other on the highway. A sticker can represent a brand, sure, but it can also represent a way of life. When you see someone out in public with the same sticker as you, you automatically relate to that person – you feel like you know a bit about them. This helps reinforce the popularity and culture surrounding your brand.

4. Better relationships with customers means more return-purchases. As for online sales, brands are discovering that tucking a few stickers into the package with a product is a great “freebie” for the consumer and a brand promotion at the same time. In this way, stickers help companies connect to their market without expensive media display ads or billboards. This is also a great way to maximize your return on brand logo stickers. Using stickers to seal your packages and including them in the box with other product purchases will jazz up your unboxing experience. Over 90,000 people search for unboxing videos on YouTube every month. Placing thoughtful and custom branding on packaging is a sure way to enhance the customer experience.

5. The creative possibilities are endless! As a brand you should be making stickers that your consumer base thinks are cool or meaningful enough to stick on their laptop or water bottle. Don’t get me wrong, stickers with brand logos have their place (re: unboxing videos) but in terms of a “social badge” you should be making high quality and visually stimulating stickers that make the cut when your consumer is deliberating whether or not to stick it on their personal belongings. So what kind of sticker is right for you? What shape speaks to your brand? Turns out there are plenty of options in terms of “making your brand stick”. The first question to ask yourself is “what is my application”? Are you an artist or musician? Are you a small business? Are you a corporation? Check the list of some of our most popular stickers below to see what type might work for you.