Transfer Stickers Will Make Your Design Truly One-of-a-Kind

Share an idea, show off your logo, or just have a whole lot of fun. Transfer stickers allow the use of more intricate designs, allowing for the expression of true creativity. With Sticky Brand, brand awareness has never been easier.

What’s the difference between transfer stickers and printed stickers?

Printed stickers, such as custom die cut stickers, are printed on material and that material is then cut to a specific shape whereas transfer stickers are made by intricately cutting your design directly into colored material. After the initial design is cut into the material, the extra vinyl is pulled from the backing, and a sheet of transfer tape is placed over the vinyl. This makes it easy for you to apply the sticker onto another surface and gently peel away the backing sheet.

Printed stickers can be circular, oval, rectangular, or even cut to a custom shape that wraps around your design, but transfer sticker designs can be much more complex. Transfer stickers are great for lettering on a store’s windows or doors. They’re perfect for designs that have no background.

Color – or not – it’s your choice.

While empty space is super important and black and white are defining, you have to consider the other colors too. Not just the colors on the sticker but also the colors it will be on – the colors that will be shining through that empty space.

Consider the background

When you design your sticker, view it on different backgrounds and play around with the color. This will give you an idea of how it will look with different colors behind it, and it will show you how the lighter colors will interact with different background surfaces.

Use negative space to your advantage

Bring your brand to vibrant life in living color, black and white, or in the negative spaces. A great transfer sticker design has a lot of empty space that is defined by the color. It all works together to create an image that catches the eye. It’s all up to you and where your creativity takes you. Show off your brand like never before and put it in the hands of customers as well as prospective customers and let the magic happen.

Exact-cut shaping leaves logos looking pristine

With peel and stick transfer stickers you can be certain that your logo will look exactly as it was intended. Consider:

  • Choosing a design that speaks to your brand, personal or professional.
  • Using black and white as accent marks to give your image a crispness that is more dramatic and stunning.

The lighter colors tend to just fade off without any type of definition to give the eye a place to rest and understand what’s in its vision. Strategically adding black and white will give your image more definition which gets the attention it deserves.