Summer is here

Sticky Brand is here to kick off Summer 2018 in full force!

Start your summer off right and take advantage of the great savings we have this time of year, Get your advertising campaigns fully stocked with promotional stickers at the Sticky Brand.

Check out these specials to see what we have to offer!

1000 Piece Special #1:
1000 2″ Bombproof Stickers + free shipping =$199.00
*Perfect size for cell phones!

1000 Piece Special #2:
400 3″ Bombproof Stickers + 600 2″ Bombproof Stickers + free shipping =$279.00​

1500 Piece Special:
750 3″ Bombproof Stickers + 750 2″ Bombproof Stickers + free shipping =$379.00

These specials are a great way to get restocked on your sticker supply or try out some new designs at a great discount.

Getting multiple sizes of your stickers made allows you to slap them on anything you come across on your adventures this summer, from cars and bikes to laptops and water bottles.

Reach out to us directly by sending us your artwork and a brief description of what you’re looking for and we’d be happy to get you set up with the right stickers for the job.

This month we helped out our great friend and talented artist Street Grapes by printing his custom artwork on our Bombproof stickers. These colors really pop and our matte finish offers a smooth touch, stand out with the best!




For Backcountry Yoga we printed Bombproof stickers of their beautiful logo.  They run outdoor retreats in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Colorado that focus on mindfulness, empowerment, and community building. We are thrilled to help them grow their following.



We printed a whole bunch of custom roll labels for Cabot Creamery Co-Operative. Not only can we produce the top of the line vinyl stickers we can also fulfill your sticker labeling needs just take a hint from Cabot!


Nectar’s restaurant and live music venue came to us to get set up with top of the line stickers. They have been an iconic part of the Vermont music scene since 1975 and we love helping our local friends stand out.


Vader FM was the lucky winner of one of our social media sticker giveaway contests. He received a large handful of free Bombproof stickers and on top of that, one of our talented staff designed the graphics.


We created these stickers for the New York City based band, TAUK. The artwork created by the talented Raul Urias for the bands latest album cover helps these stickers hit their mark!


We always love working with Zero Gravity Craft Brewery especially on eco-friendly initiatives are being taken. Their “Keep Vermont Green” campaign supports numerous environmental non-profits in Vermont.




We were stoked to be a sponsor of Waking Windows festival in Winooski, VT! We hope that these sticker made their way into the hands of as many festival goes as possible to help them hold on to the memory of a great weekend.