How to effectively use stickers for marketing and branding

In today’s world of digital and social media marketing it can be easy to overlook stickers as a valid form of marketing. However, there are few forms of advertising that are as tried and true as stickers. Backed by artists, educational institutions, not for-profit organizations, small businesses, social movements, corporations and even government organizations, the sticker has been a trusted and relatively cheap form of marketing for decades. 

So what are the advantages of using stickers in your brand’s marketing? 

For starters, stickers can be placed almost anywhere. If you’re working in a coffee shop while reading this article, chances are you can look around and see vinyl stickers on water bottles, laptops and maybe even the tables and walls. This makes stickers a powerful and cheap marketing tool, as well as a mobile one that travels with the consumer, whether on a water bottle that goes from office to gym to hiking trail, or the bumper of a car that drives all around town. 

And for online sales, brands are discovering that tucking a few stickers into the package with a product is a great “freebie” for the consumer and a brand promotion at the same time. In this way, stickers help companies connect to their market without expensive media display ads or billboards. 

Another reason why custom stickers are a powerful form of advertising is their perceived value. A high quality sticker has more staying power and appeal than something like a cheap pamphlet or brochure. Think about it, when someone hands you a brochure you likely toss it in the nearest trash can, whereas, when someone puts a well-made sticker in your hands you’re more likely to look around to see where you can stick it. Here at Sticky Brand we like to think of stickers as we do business cards, this is your brand’s first impression — a high quality sticker can introduce your brand to the consumer and help reinforce its quality and appeal. 

Stickers are also useful in marketing to help spread a message and be used as something of a “social badge”. The ones that immediately come to mind are political bumper stickers and the universal “I voted” sticker. Stickers are a way for people to publicly share their social values, identity, and belief system. 

As a brand you should be making stickers that your consumer base thinks are cool or meaningful enough to stick on their laptop or water bottle. Don’t get me wrong, stickers with brand logos have their place (we’ll get to that) but in terms of a “social badge” you should be making high quality and visually stimulating stickers that make the cut when your consumer is deliberating whether or not to stick it on their laptop. 

Finally, (and this is where you can really maximize your return on those brand logo stickers) you should be using stickers to seal your packages and to jazz up your unboxing experience. Over 90,000 people search for unboxing videos on YouTube every month. Placing thoughtful and custom branding on packaging is a sure way to enhance the customer experience. 

At this point you should be sold on using stickers to enhance your brand, and in your marketing campaigns. But what kind of sticker is right for you? Turns out there are plenty of options in terms of “making your brand stick”. The first question to ask yourself is “what is my application”? Are you an artist or musician, are you a small business, are you a corporation? Check the list of some of our most popular stickers below to see what type might work for you. 

Holographic stickers: Great for artists, businesses, or musicians looking to pop out and promote their brand or event on a new medium. Both glossy and matte finishes are available, and our thick durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water, and sunlight. Check out the examples of the holographic materials available here. 

Custom shape/ Die cut stickers: One of our most popular options. Available in literally ANY shape and size you can imagine. We know your logo and branding defines your business just as much as your mission statement. This is why our custom stickers are cut with laser precision to your exact specifications and available in matte or glossy finish. With a minimum order as low as 50 pieces, and orders going out the door in excess of 500,000 we can help you market your brand from a small local event or niche product to a full scale campaign or product line.  

Roll Labels: If you’re looking to up your packaging game, seek no further. Printing custom brand stickers on a roll is a cost effective and easy-to-apply solution for your packaging and branding needs. Because we offer many varieties of roll labels in different shapes, materials and roll sizes we ask that you tell us a bit about your project.

Sticker Sheets: Personalized sticker sheets are a fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. One or multiple designs kiss cut onto thick, durable vinyl sheets, over laminated to protect your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Clear: Clear custom die cut stickers are a fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. Transparent, optically clear, thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight. 

Transfer Stickers: These are fantastic for brick and mortar stores or restaurants looking to get some eye catching designs and custom window decals. Classic die cut transfer stickers from colored or printed vinyl applied with clear transfer paper peel and stick for an impactful visual effect leaving negative space in unprinted areas. 

Euro Oval Stickers: Classic Oval Euro stickers screen printed on vinyl material are an affordable way to get your message across in large format on vehicles and other outdoor applications.

Bumper Stickers: Classic Bumper stickers screen printed on vinyl are an affordable way to get your message across in large format on vehicles and other outdoor applications.

Covid-19 Safety and Compliance Decals: Safety and compliance floor decals help ensure safety of your critical infrastructure and are great for retail stores, educational institutions, restaurants, banks, pharmacies and hospitals, etc. The decals are made from durable PVC material, have a textured matte finish, withstand high customer traffic and daily store floor cleaning.