Custom Magnets

Printed in high resolution with eco friendly inks and cut to any size and shape, our magnets are a perfect way to express your art, photos, logo or business information on fridges, cars, cabinets and more.

Custom Magnets

  • Easy to Apply
    Easy to Remove

  • UV, Water & Cold
    Weather Proof

  • Abrasion & Scratch Resistant

  • Green Guard
    Certified Inks

Now Available from Sticky Brand Custom Magnets

We’ve taken the same commitment to quality with our custom magnets as we do for our stickers. In fact, many of the production techniques that make our stickers so durable have also been applied to our magnets!

Make Your Logo Magnetic

Have a logo or photograph that everyone notices? Make it functional by turning it into a magnet! Our custom magnets are perfect for branding, marketing, or even personal use. Showcase your unique design today in a vibrant form that can be placed, pulled off, and replaced on any metal surface you desire.

Commercial-Grade Custom Magnets

With a strong magnetic backing and a protected face, you can be confident that our custom magnet quality will hold up for years to come.

Perfect as Custom Car Magnets or Fridge Magnets

Suitable for any magnetic metal surface. Place, post, or slap your magnets anywhere you’d like that has a magnetic metal surface. They’ll adhere to any iron- or nickel-containing metal (including various steels). They’ll even hold up in the outdoors and when exposed to the elements. Custom magnets from Sticky Brand stand up almost anything mother nature might have in store. Wind won’t blow them away, rain or snow won’t erode the color, and the sun’s harmful rays won’t fade our inks. Some popular places to use magnets in commercial settings include on:

  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Filing cabinets
  • Doorways and entryways
  • Window frames
  • Food trucks and trailers
  • Metallic backsplashes and walls

Put them anywhere you already use magnets – and some other places, too.

Custom Magnet Uses Beyond Your Refrigerator

Going beyond your home refrigerator, there are lots of uses for custom magnets in various settings. These magnets can be used to:

  • Increase brand awareness (e.g. as free swag that’s given away)
  • Identify the status of something (e.g. as labels that show “current,” “upcoming,” etc.)
  • Show where different supplies go (e.g. as grocery store or office labels that read “milk,” “personnel files,” etc.)
  • Indicate directions (e.g. as labels that read “first,” “second,” third,” etc.)
  • Enhance decor (e.g. as photos)

Of course, customized magnets are also great for your home refrigerator as well. Want one for personal use? You can order one or a few custom magnets for yourself affordably thanks to Sticky Brand.

Fully Customizable Magnets

When we talk about custom magnets, we mean truly and fully personalized magnets. These are not just standard designs that you can alter the wording or image on. You create the shape, the visual aesthetic, coloring, and finish for a truly custom design. With total control over the final look, the possibilities are endless. The only limit to your magnetic logos, labels and pictures is your imagination!

Made with the Environment in Mind

Throughout the history of Sticky Brand, we have focused on being environmentally conscious. We believe in playing an active part in bettering our planet, which is why we use environmentally friendly inks for all our magnets and why we are partnered with 1% for the planet. So, choosing Sticky Brand = choosing to go green!

Small and Large Runs

We understand that all businesses are different, so we offer small and large custom magnet runs to suit your individual needs. If you don’t need many, order just a few at a low total price. If you need a large run, order at an even lower per-unit cost. Whatever your needs are, we at Sticky Brand are ready to get you the magnets you need.