Custom Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are a fast, easy, eye-catching way to promote your business, brand, or event. Made on our signature bombproof material; thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight. To see examples of each material check out the photos below.

Custom Holographic Stickers

  • Easy to Apply
    Easy to Remove

  • UV, Water & Cold
    Weather Proof

  • Abrasion & Scratch Resistant

  • Lifetime 4+ Years

Holographic Stickers

Make your brand and art stand out by going with a holographic sticker. Available in a full gloss refractive shine or matte finish for a subtle iridescent sheen. Whether you are adding a sticker to an existing product to help it stand out, or creating a logo design that you want to really pop – our custom holographic vinyl die cut stickers won’t disappoint.

Holographic Sticker Printing Makes Your Art Pop

Perfect as product labels, these aren’t your average cheap holographic stickers. They are made with the same thick durable vinyl, protective finish and eco-solvent ink as the other custom stickers in our product line. Learn how to make the best holographic stickers.

We’ve Got Options

Along with the standard holographic print material which we call our Iridescent Holographic, we also have Prismatic Holographic, Gold Metallic, and Silver Metallic color options available. The Iridescent and Prismatic holographic styles have a multi-color, psychedelic look & feel while the Silver and Gold metallic options pretty much speak for themselves. Shiny silver & gold with a smooth texture. Use them as custom logo or security stickers. Example photos can be found below. Click here to order samples.

Looking To Buy Hologram Stickers or Holographic?

It doesn’t matter to us what you refer to them as! Hologram stickers, holographic stickers, holograph stickers or simply holo – call ’em what you’d like and we’ll know what you mean. To set the record straight; a hologram is a 3D image which is typically formed when multiple lasers or comparable light sources interfere. It would be cool if our stickers came with lasers, but unfortunately they do not… Something that is holographic however will involve multiple colors or light frequencies interacting with each other; so a hologram will typically produce a holographic image or reflection. The more you know!

Custom Holographic Stickers FAQ

How do I prepare my design for printing holographic die cut stickers?

When preparing your design for custom holographic die-cut stickers, be sure to include transparent areas in your design. These transparent areas will be transparent when the sticker is printed. For best practice, save your artwork in a vector file (for example: .ai, .eps, .svg)

Can I order just one holographic die-cut sticker?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer this option. However, we offer free sample packs which include some of our most popular types of custom stickers. The sample pack includes a reference card which will help decide what type of sticker is best for you.

Can I print white on holographic die-cut stickers?

You can print white on holographic stickers… However, depending on the holographic base it is impossible for us to achieve 100% opacity with white on holographic. This means while the print will be white, there may be a slight shine that comes through from the material substrate behind it. Don’t hesitate to call us with questions.

Are holographic die-cut stickers microwave/dishwasher safe?

These holographic stickers are NOT microwave safe. The material of our stickers will not survive the intense heat or radiation from a microwave. However they are water repellant, making them dishwasher safe and keeping the adhesive strong.

Are holographic die-cut stickers removable and reusable?

Since our stickers are made of strong vinyl, they aren’t meant to be removed and reused. While you may be able to transport your stickers from one surface to another, it will likely lose its shape and adhesiveness.