Custom Die Cut Stickers

Custom die cut stickers are a fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. Made from our signature Bombproof material – thick, durable vinyl that protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Custom Die Cut Stickers

  • Full color
  • Cut to any shape
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Outdoor durability 6-8 Years.
  • Ships in approx 3-5 days from artwork approval via USPS Priority Mail
  • Artwork in .ai format preferred
  • Art proof available upon request
  • Easy to Apply
    Easy to Remove

  • UV, Water & Cold
    Weather Proof

  • Abrasion & Scratch Resistant

  • Green Guard
    Certified Inks

  • Lifetime 6+ Years

From Sticky Brand Order Custom Die Cut Stickers

Just like our other custom printed stickers, the Custom Shape Bombproof is a die cut sticker made from thick, durable, long-lasting vinyl which we use specifically for the protection of your art. Our high quality materials means our custom stickers are made to last. Experience the difference, if you plan on crafting bumper stickers, laptop & phone decals, brand logo decals or any sticker for outdoor use.

Affordability Meets High-End Design

Another way Sticky Brand stands apart from the competition is that our products are created in a less harmful way than other cheap, die cut stickers on the market; our Custom Shape Bombproof stickers are printed using eco-solvent ink. There are several benefits to this type of printing including better durability, no odor, and fewer volatile organic compounds used in the production process which helps reduce our impact on the environment.

Custom Shapes To Fit Your Brand

We know that your brand’s logo defines your business just as much as your mission statement. That’s why we don’t believe in compromising design for any reason. Our Custom Shape Bombproof stickers are cut with laser precision to your exact specifications and available in a matte or glossy finish. With a minimum order as low as 50 pieces, and orders going out the door of 500,000 + we can help you market your brand from a  small local event or a niche project to a full scale campaign or product line.

Custom Die Cut Stickers FAQ

What is a die cut sticker?

A die cut sticker is a sticker that can be cut into any shape of your choice! Die-cut stickers differ from kiss-cut stickers because there is no white space surrounding the sticker design. Die-cut stickers allow you to be as creative as you’d like without having to worry about sacrificing your image quality or shape design.

How durable are custom die cut stickers?

Die cut stickers from Sticky Brand are extremely durable. We call them “bombproof” for a reason, our custom die-cut stickers are made of a thick and durable, eco-friendly material. Our stickers stand up to the normal wear-and-tear of everyday life plus a lot more. No need to worry about scratches, water, or sunlight damage, custom shape bombproof stickers from Sticky Brand are with you for the long haul.

What is the best way to apply custom die cut stickers?

In order for the best results we recommend using a clean, smooth and dry surface to apply your stickers. While our custom die-cut stickers are waterproof once applied, applying them on an uneven or wet surface initially will make them less durable and adhesive. We also recommend wiping the area down with alcohol before application, if possible, as this makes sure you have a clean surface for proper adhesion.

Can I order just one die-cut sticker?

Unfortunately, no you cannot. However, we offer free sample packs of our most popular types of custom stickers. These sample packs include a reference card which will help decide what type of sticker is best for you. Interested in a free sample pack?

Can I purchase die-cut stickers on clear vinyl material?

You can! Check out our clear custom shape bombproof. Our clear bombproofs are just as durable as our other options. With clear custom shape bombproof stickers, you get a beautiful transparent background that will make the colors in your logo or sticker design POP.

What’s the largest amount of custom die-cut stickers I can order?

Currently, the largest order size available for Custom Shape Bombroof die-cut stickers is 10,000. With that being said, if you’re looking to make a purchase order of more than 10,000 stickers, just reach out to us by calling us at 844-678-4259 or using our contact page.

Are there any colors that can’t be used in my custom die-cut sticker design?

Absolutely not! Your options are limitless. And if you need some assistance with your sticker design, our team of professionals is on standby. Designing stickers for product packaging? Check out this post to learn about the different ways our stickers are used for product packaging.

Are they any shapes to avoid in my custom die-cut sticker design?

Nope! Just like your color options, we can handle any shape you desire. And if you would like to talk to one of the design professionals on our team to ask some more questions, contact us here or use the chat box!