Bumper Stickers

Classic Bumper stickers screen printed on vinyl are an affordable way to get your message across in large format on vehicles and other outdoor applications.

Bumper Stickers

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Bumper Stickers are a Time-Tested Way to Tout Your Brand

The bumper sticker has been around for 80 years of light fender tapping and on-road advertising, and it still reigns supreme today. Even in the midst of more advanced die-cut and holographic stickers, there’s something iconic that continues to make the bumper sticker a classic.

Our bumper stickers are made from high-quality materials for lasting durability

Like all good things retro, bumper stickers are made of high-quality vinyl that will last for a long time. Our bumper decals have a strong adhesive that’ll keep them on whatever material they’re stuck to, and the face of your sticker will remain vibrant and intact for years (so long as they aren’t scuffed up in a fender-bender). In many cases, bumper stickers from Sticky Brand are known to last longer than the durable goods they decorate!

Eco-Friendly Bumper Stickers for Eco-Conscious Folks

Thanks to innovative green materials, even drivers of the electric car tribe can decorate their beloved vehicles without worrying about whether the stickers are environmentally friendly. They are — and we at Sticky Brand are a proud 1% for the Planet member.

That’s right, you don’t need to own a stereotypical old gas-guzzler for your bumper to be suitable enough for a sticker. Here’s to decorating with stickers while also promoting positive change!

They’re not JUST for car bumpers!

Start giving some of these stickies out, and you’ll soon see them on bumpers, computers, laptop cases and just about anywhere else that’s large enough to fit the piece of vinyl. Just because they’re called “bumper stickers” doesn’t mean to HAVE to be placed on a car!

Affordable while eye-catching

All of the custom sticker options we offer are eye-catching, but our bumper stickers have a distinct advantage when it comes to price. Because these are one of the oldest and simplest commercially used stickers, they’re also one of the most affordable.

They can be had for less than a dollar each even at minimum quantities, and our stickers still are highly affordable. Choose from two sizes, two color options and plenty of quantity choices to find what works for you.