How To Make Holographic Stickers

Read on to learn more about the different types of holographic materials we offer and a few tips on elements that work best for each material.

Our Prismatic Holographic material is an eye catching and bold option. The repeating squares of holographic material within it create a 3D effect that is sure to mesmerize and captivate onlookers. This is the kind of sticker you could expect to see at a festival or Phish show.

Best for:

  • Bold, minimal, straight forward designs
  • Creating a 3D effect
  • The most eye catching holographic option

Matte Holographic material is smoother and less shiny than classic holographic or prism holographic. It has a more subtle sheen look to it. To us, it’s a modern and unique twist on the classic holographic look.

Best for:

  • Text Based Designs (The shine doesn’t take away from legibility)
  • Modern “sleek” twist on holographic stickers.

Things to consider:

  • not as shiny as prism or classic holographic

The Iridescent Holographic material is the classic holographic background you know and love. It gives off a shiny, rainbow effect– adding dimension and color to your design.

Things to Consider:

  • Classic holographic material that you’ve most likely seen before.
  • Request to add a layer of white under your colors to ensure maximum visibility and contrast.

Our Glitter finish is another one of our specialty products. These stickers will shine and glimmer with a holographic sparkle effect. Definitely an eye catching option, this finish could be considered the most “blinged” out of our holographic options.

Things to Consider:

  • Not your average holographic finish, these stickers will have sparkly finish that looks a bit like dots of glitter.

4 Tips to Design the Best Holographic Stickers

  1. Black and white adds the most contrast against holographic material.
  2. Leave “empty” space in your design for the holographic material to show through.
  3. In general, lighter colors blend more with holographic material, while darker colors stand out.
  4. Try increasing the saturation of your colors to make your design stand out!

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