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Covid-19 Safety and Compliance Decals

The New Normal

If You’re Open For Business, You Probably Need Social Distancing Floor Decals

  • Safety and compliance floor decals help ensure safety of your critical infrastructure and are great for retail stores, educational institutions, restaurants, banks, pharmacies and hospitals, etc.
  • The decals are made from durable PVC material, have a textured matte finish, withstand high customer traffic and daily store floor cleaning
  • Created in our manufacturing facility located in Burlington, Vermont and shipped directly to your location
  • All decals are rated for floor, door, wall or window application
  • Decals ordered below are stock, pre-printed and will ship within 24 hours

Why Are Businesses Using Social Distancing Stickers or Decals?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to adapt to new measures like social distancing and limited capacity operations. When changes like this are implemented in a storefront or other place of business, shoppers, employees, or any other visitors coming to the establishment need to be made aware of the protocols. Our social distancing decals make that process quick, easy, and pleasing to the eye

We have various types of COVID-19 floor stickers and window decals

Our social distancing floor decals are made from PVC material which is extremely durable. Their textured matte finish allows them to withstand high customer foot traffic and they have no problem standing up to daily floor cleaning. Our “Please Keep 6ft Apart” decals are 9” standard size and they are well-suited for the floor, door, wall or window. We also have “One Way”, triangular shaped, directional decals to help your customers navigate safely and properly around your store.

“Sticky Brand was incredibly responsive and helped us get our message out to customers very quickly. Their floor stickers are very durable and have held up well against daily wear from grocery carts and floor cleaners. And we’re always happy to work with a local business!”
– Mae Quilty, Assistant Director of Community, City Market


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