Artist Appreciation Month


Last Chance for Artist Appreciation Sticker Special!

March is coming to a close and we would love to give a shout out to all the talented artist and illustrators we work with and have worked with in the past!  You all do amazing work and we are stoked to have you as part of our Sticky Brand community.

To show our our appreciation we are offering a 10% discount to all artists and illustrators looking to share their work through stickers this month.  We are also extending this discount to anyone receiving this newsletter.  Just email us with your artwork and job request and mention “Artist Appreciation”.

In addition we are offering two additional package specials for the month.

1000 piece special:
500 3″ Bombproof stickers + 500 2″ bombproof stickers + free shipping = $269.00

1500 Piece Special:
750 3″ Bombproof stickers + 750 2″ Bombproof stickers + free shipping = $379.00

The specials are a great way to bulk up on a reorder or try out some new designs at a nice discount.

Multiple sizes allow your stickers to fit phones, laptops, cars and more.

Hit us up directly by sending us your artwork and a brief description of what you are looking for to get started.


Dankies Edibles ordered stickers to use as labels on their edibles. Our stickers have a superior durability guaranteeing your labels are not going to lose their quality while being handled on their way to the shelves




Day One Skateshop has ordered these stickers multiple times. They choose our Everyday material instead of our Bombproof, opting to save some money and increase the number of stickers they can give out for promotional purposes.


Juju Glass comes to us for our high definition, photo-real stickers as a way to accurately represent and share her artwork to a wider fan base. She includes her instagram handle on the sticker in small type so fans have an easy way to find out more about her work.  She includes stickers of her “smiling” dog Mr Dot to mix it up and keep her fans laced with a variety.


Queen City Drunks ordered stickers with no commercial intent. Sometimes it’s just great to create stickers to hand out to other like minded people to create a bond everyone can rally behind.


For Kountry Kart Deli we shot the image of their iconic breakfast sandwich, “The Shiner”, in our in house photography studio. We then designed the results into a photo-real sticker. These stickers will subtly remind their customers that they can get their beloved breakfast sandwich 22.5 hours a day!

Sammi Dandelion is a yoga instructor and farmer using stickers of her pet bunny to create something playful that people will  associate with the attitude of her business.



Our good friend, past employee, and talented artist Will Gebhard teamed up with Foam Brewery for a new can release and art installation at their brewery.  We created these stickers with Will to hand out at the opening at Foam Brewery, March 2nd, which was a huge success!